Friday, January 29, 2016

5 Uses for a Brown Eye/Lip Pencil

Girls, we all know how hard it is to jump out of bed every morning; and to get ready and do makeup in the small amount of time we have is always a big challenge. Let's read on to see how we can simplify our routine:
Brown Pencil - Swatch
I am always looking for multi-use products to save time and space and of course to maintain travel utility of a product. Recently I got this pencil set in which I found this brown pencil. Initially I started to use it as the original purpose says; as an eyeliner/lipliner. However, I slowly found out that this single brown pencil can serve so many other purposes, and I can easily get rid of 5 different products in my daily handbag to avoid extra heavy bag.

Following are the ways I use this one pencil to enhance my looks:
  1. As a lip liner
  2. As an eyeliner (both upper and lower lashlines)
  3. As an eye shadow as the blending power of this pencil is awesome
  4. As a contouring product for every day makeup - Oh yes! it works great for everyday use ^_^
  5. As an eyebrow pencil
Apart from the above mentioned uses, its a perfect thing for keeping in your purse while travelling as it is a multi-use product. Its easy to carry and is light weight (instead of carrying multiple products carry this one thing)

What's even better is that I got this as part of a set therefore the cost of this one pencil becomes very less. Do you girls have ideas to use a single product in multiple ways? Do share below in the comments!!!

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