Friday, September 5, 2008

Remove Tan

step 1 :
take sum yoghurt beat it , apply on ur face, neck, hands and feet and massage for 5 minutes den tissue off

step 2 :
take powder milk and make a paste of it in rose water massage similarly for 5 minutes n tissue off
Note : powder milk gets dry very quickly u can wet ur skin wid rose water or water 2 massage smoothly

step 3 :
make a pack of yoghurt, powder milk, pinch of turmeric and apply it leaving ur eye portions for 15-20 minutes
Note : do not talk after applying it similarly wen u apply any mask

after 15-20 minutes wash wid tap water don't use any soap aur face wash 4 atleast next 30 minutes

u can use it thrice a week

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