Monday, September 8, 2008

Lip Care

  • Do not smack ur lips
  • Keep lips moisturised wit vaseline or plain glycerine..u can add rose petals in glycerin
  • apply balai on your lips b4 going to bed. Its natural and effective also . If you can add some honey in balai and then apply, it would be even better
  • mix glycerine and rose water
  • ghee is a also very good for chapped lips
  • take one teaspoon of balai..and add a few drops of lemon in it...apply it on ur face and lips a swell...let it for 15 minz then cclean it with cotten and wash ur face...apply moisturizer after that............I M SURE UR SKIN WILL FEEL SILKY SOFT..AND UR LIPZ LIKE PETALZ
  • for chapped lips, take a hot chapati.put sum desi ghee on it n apply dat desi ghee on ur lips
  • apply mustard oil in ur navel.juz a it 4 a week n U ll see the difference
  • Apply lemon juice on ur lips and wash it off after 15 minutes. Make sure u dont go into the sun after applying lemon juice.

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