Monday, September 8, 2008

AHA Exfoliators and Masks

  • take half spoon of yogurt
    add 4 spoons of orange juice..
    miz n apply on face.. keep for 20 mins..

    orange has all gud AHAs.. so it exfoliates very well..
    n orange n yogurt wud not make ur skin oily too..

    this pack is also considered anti aging, coz it removes dead cells n improve the new skin layer
  • exfoliate with sugar and milk cream. works wonders !!
  • this contains oil so gud 2 use in winters..
    can be used once in 10 days..

    take around 3 normal bite size pieces of pineapple..
    add 3 spoons of olive oil...
    mix in blender..

    now apply this mix on ur face
    keep for 15 mins.. n wash with water

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