Thursday, February 25, 2016

Review - #Essence #Lipstick in 11 #Nude Love

Girlies, nude lipsticks are one of the trends of all time. They can suit you any time of the day if worn with the correct makeup combination and can enhance your looks especially with a popping eye makeover. Today I am going to review one of the nude lipsticks I use which is highly affordable as well - the #Essence #lipstick in 11 #nude love.

Essence Lipstick in 11 [Nude Love] Swatch


The packaging is plain black with a nude lining detail. Nothing much fancy here but the overall look is decent and nice I would say.


Price is 430 Rs. and I got it from D. Watson Islamabad

Product Details:

Product is a beautiful and sober shade of nude which suits many of the skin shades I would say. Lasting power is not very good but it lasts for around 3 hours on first application. Texture of lipstick is smooth and glides on your lips to give a nice finish. The fragrance of the lipstick is not very pleasant but it wears off when you apply the lipstick. Overall, I would say this is a nice value for money. You can wear it with or without lip gloss and it gives a nice look with both ways. I would recommend this lip color to anyone who is looking for a nice and affordable nude color.

Have you guys used this or any other shade of #Essence lipstick. Do share in the comments box below!

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