Monday, February 9, 2009

Ways to stay slim

There is no shortcut to stay slim ...its a question of lifestyle change. Small - small changes here and there work a long way .Here are some tips , i hope you will find them useful: 
* Stick to whole wheat instead of white breads / pastas etc.
* Always try to incorporate more veggies in your meals.
* have minimum 2 fruits a day . Mango. pineapple , grapes and bananas should not be taken frequently while trying to lose weight.
* Incorporate sprouts in your diet atleast in one meal .
* If you are not a veggie, stick to lean meats like skinless chicken , fish , turkey etc. Go for lean cuts of read meat.
* Have only egg whites and discard yellow. 
* Salads help in keeping you full try to eat them twice a day.
* Have warm water with lemon juice first thing in the morning followed by a cup of green tea after half an hour.
* Never skip breakfast. Try to incorporate everything from the diff food groups..for instance : skim milk with oatmeal and some fresh fruits like strawberries , blueberries or half an apple.
* Switch to canola and olive oils and use butter very sparingly.
* Have curds everyday ......its even more imp if you are a vegetarian ..its helpful in supplying the protein which is the main building block of the body.
* Atleast have 8 glasses to water a day.
Finally , exercise atleast 30 minutes a day helps in staying slim and healthy and also gives a glow to skin when done along with healthy and balanced diet. 
I know the pointers i have listed above, almost everyone know these things ...but the point is to incorporate them in your life slowly. But it comes with perks such as healthy and glowing skin and lovely hair i guess they are really worth a try  !!

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