Sunday, August 26, 2018

#Movie #Review - #TeefaInTrouble

Hi girls, Hope you had a wonderful Eid. Sorry for being MIA but have been too much busy the past two months. So my today's post is a #movie #review

I just watched #TeefaInTrouble few days back (I know I am too late lol) . Here is my brief take on the movie:

Teefa in Trouble
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It is an interesting funny movie, story is a bit weak but the actors have done justice to their roles. Maya Ali is on her overacting edge a bit and I dont know what has she done to her voice in the movie (I have never ever liked her so pardon me if its the bias talking :P ). Apart from Maya Ali, all the actors have done their best in the acting and the bits of comedy are overall fine. Movie cinematography is done quite well & the locations are shot beautifully. Two of the songs really got stuck in my mind, Chan ve & the item number song so movie is good music wise as well. I think it was a good time pass for once. There were too many fights so I personally dont recommend this movie for small kids. Overall it was a good entertainer.

However, there are some bits of the movie I don't really agree with (or maybe am not happy about)... Well, these are not only this movie's issues actually. In fact these are practiced regularly in most of Pakistani movies which is getting really annoying now! My disagreement is with the below situations (not just in this movie, this one and many others)

1 - Why exactly do we think that EVERY single person who steps out of the country becomes habitual of alcohol drinking? I mean why? I have personally known so many of the people who are living in Europe & US since many many years and have not consumed alcohol. Why do we promote this culture that everyone living out of Pakistan would definitely be drinking? I dont understand this concept which is repeated again and again in our movies :| Its plain sad. This movie, in particular, could do without all the alcohol usage as it just did not correlate with the rest of the movie, but dont know why the directors thought its necessary. Maybe they wanted to

2 - I dont really understand why all the children of rich businessmen are shown as being deprived of their parent's love and care and everything the child does in the movie is basically justified by saying "i wish my parents gave me time instead of money". I mean this formula is quite old now. Can we please get over it! So basically Anya (Maya Ali) in the movie, is interested in a gora, wants to get involved with him initially in the movie, and manages to elope from her own wedding planned by her father and then justifies herself quite easily in front of Teefa (Ali Zafar) that I am doing all this because my father never gave me the feeling that I am the most important person for him. How does that justify everything? You are an adult right. You are responsible for each and every action, you have a mind to think & learn. Please stop teaching the kids of this age that they can very easily put the blame on their parents for their own wrongdoings.

At the end I would just ask you guys to help and support #PakistaniCinema. Even if they are making few mistakes right now but they will improve only if we give them a chance. So please please watch Pakistani movies in the cinemas and support our own industry.

Do let me know what do you think about this movie if you have watched it as well. 

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