Saturday, February 25, 2017

#Review - #Artdeco #Vinyl #Effect #Eyeliner - #Black

Hey lovelies, eye makeup is one of the trickiest things in makeup and an eyeliner can make or break your overall eye look. Its a product which I almost NEVER skip to apply on face since it just makes your eyes so well defined and prominent that you can leave rest of the face as it is. Today I am going to review #Artdeco #Vinyl #Effect #Eyeliner in #Black, so lets read on.
#Artdeco #Vinyl #Effect #Eyeliner - #Black
#Artdeco #Vinyl #Effect #Eyeliner - #Black

The Packaging:

It comes in a sleek black casing with a silver top. It comes with a soft tip which is my basic pre-requisite for an eyeliner. With soft tips you can make thin or thicker lines according to your requirement while the hard tip makes it difficult to make a thin line on your eyes. I want to be in more control while applying my eyeliner so I always choose soft tips.

The Pricing:

Well, the price for this eyeliner is a lot (at least according to me). I bought it for PKR 1790/- from D. Watson F-10 Markaz

The Product:

Coming to the product itself, the brush is neat as I mentioned and allows you to make all kinds of looks you want to create with the eyeliner. The tip is exactly how I want my eyeliners' tips to be. It dries on the skin quickly which is a good thing, gives a very beautiful dark black line on your eyes. As it claims, it is durable and long lasting, as it hardly ever comes off during the day.  However, after just 2-3 hours, maybe due to my oily skin, the eyeliner leaves a stain from my eyelid to my eyelashes (see the below picture as a sample). This is maybe due to my oily skin but its the most irritating thing for me as it never happens with other eyeliners. For me it just didn't work out well due to another reason, it does not even come off easily with makeup removers :( When I try to remove this eyeliner (have tried a few different cleansers) the eyeliner takes a very long time to come off. It also gets stuck to my eyelashes when I am removing it. So removing it is a mini struggle for me at least. I have searched on the internet and have found that #Artdeco recommends a specific eye makeup remover for this one but honestly buying a separate cleanser for just this one thing doesn't make any sense to me. You may read the eyeliner description by #Artdeco here.
#Artdeco #Vinyl #Effect #Eyeliner - #Black
#Artdeco #Vinyl #Effect #Eyeliner - #Black [leaves stains on my eyelids after just 2-3 hours]

For me, this product is a no-no. I will never buy this again. I would have spent this much of amount again if the eyeliner was actually that good. But sadly it is not; especially with the huge price tag.

I have used another #Artdeco #liquid #eyeliner (which was not the  #Artdeco #Vinyl #Effect #Eyeliner and was priced at 990 PKR) which was pretty good, it didnt have the issues I experienced with this one. I hope I can find that one in market again :(

Has anyone of you used this eyeliner and has a different experience than mine? Do share your feedback in the comments below :)

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