Thursday, August 11, 2016

#Review - #Essence #ForgetIt! #3in1 #Concealer Palette

Hey girls, I have been away for a while from my blog due to the birth of my lovely daughter. She keeps me busy all day (and nights :P) so hardly got a chance to even look at myself in the mirror. However, now I am collecting the pieces of my life back together after the recovery and here is my new post !!!
I want to review the #Essence #ForgetIt! #3in1 #Concealer Palette today which has three shades.

#Essence #ForgetIt! #3in1 #Concealer Palette
 #Essence #ForgetIt! #3in1 #Concealer Palette

The Packaging:

Comes in a round shaped mini cream box with three sections each for one color. Nothing too fancy about the packaging like usual #Essence products. 

The Pricing:

Bought it for about 365/- PKR. for

Product Details:

The three different shades of concealer are for three different needs. The details are mentioned at the bottom of the jar as well. 
  • Pink shade is for the dark circles around the eyes
  • Beige shade is for use against discoloration and blemishes
  • Green shade is for the redness on the face
Now coming to the results of the product, it is a good and compact piece of concealer which is easy to carry around in your purse. The texture is creamy so basically I wont recommend you to put it on a brush and then apply it on face. The best way to pick it up from the jar is using your finger. To blend it on the face you can either use your finger, a brush or a beauty blender. Blending is good but coverage is not enough for an event with heavy lights and photos so I think its better as a daily concealer. I really like it for the price it comes with and one jar lasts very long. I am still using my first one. I have not used the green one though as I dont have red spots on my face yet but the other two shades work well for me. Again, I use it as a daily concealer and dont use this one when I need heavy coverage. Overall, this is a good to have product as its really reasonably priced and the result is good enough as well.

Have you girls used this one yet? What are your comments? Do share below!!!

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