Saturday, June 13, 2015

Travel Size Your Stuff–Hair Care

Hey ladies, how often do u travel? I have many short and long trips over the year so I am always looking for ideas to mini-size all my stuff so its more and more convenient for me to carry around.

A very simple idea to travel size your conditioner, sun block etc. is to use small bottles to fill these things in and use for the travel purpose. You can either buy special purpose travel size bottles for this purpose or do what I do : ) use empty hand sanitizer bottles : ) Isn’t this cool girls.

I use hand sanitizer frequently and keep a bottle in my handbag always, once the sanitizer finishes, I clean the bottle, dry it up and then put my conditioner in it to be used for travelling. the bottle is small enough to be carried around in my makeup box and I label it using masking tape and a marker. How simple!!!

You may use anything else in the bottle as well; I use this for conditioner and my regular use sunblock.

For shampoos, I use sachets for travelling which are lighter to carry and also control the amount of shampoo you r using on the trip.

I have loads of more tips which u will see in the upcoming posts for sure…

Do you have any other travel sizing tips? Do share in comments below…

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