Sunday, January 31, 2010

Summer makeup tips

* Do not use lip liner during summer.
* One can use colors such as mango green or golden green for eye makeup by using brown or black mascara.
* Face with few drops of fog and the light touch of translucent powder is the best summer makeup.
* Tightness of dry hair makes problem in humidity. Do not make curly hair, as it is right for summer makeup. One can do deep conditioning of hair for taming the hair and always protect hair from sunrays, wind and sand by using s baseball cap or trendy summer hat. People can use texturizers and wax to tame hair.
* One can easily use gold shimmer under across or brows cheekbones.
* If one does not take any precaution, use a waterproof foundation to prevent damage with the tanned skin shade for covering the area under eyes and apply a small amount of foundation on the rest portion of the face.
* One may be used light brown or nude eye shadow for eye makeup and giving them a natural beauty.
* For getting a beautiful suntan, one should use bronzer in light shade on chin and cheekbones.
* Before wearing slippers or sandals sprinkle the feet with little touch of powder for avoiding blisters. One should take a small clean needle and hygienize it with alcohol for gets rid of the blister from feet. Use cotton for cleaning fluid from blister and then apply antibiotic ointment and cover the affected area by using bandage.
* Use sunglasses to protect the eyes before going to outside during the day. One should always use sunscreen lotion or cream with SPF 30 before going under the sun.
* One can use the Clear UV-resistant topcoat on skin to protect from sun.
* For nail care during summer, use a nail gloss with Ultraviolet protection topcoat on nails.
* For eye makeup in summer, use waterproof eyeliner pencil with shades like navy, slate gray or warm chocolate.
* One uses gel on hair. And use 1% hydrocortisone cream to avoid any rashes on skin.

* Sunny, bright and warm blush can be applied for summer makeup.
* For lip colors, apply natural shades of lip liner and lipsticks on lips. And one can use a lip balm with SPF and keep lips moisturized and protected.
At last, set the summer makeup by using spray water.

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