Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Get Fair & Clear Skin

  • Mix banana with honey and apply on ur face and massage for 10 min.Then leave it for 10 min and wash ur face.Do it everday it not only makes ur skin fair it also makes it very clear.U can see the results within 10 days.


  • Boil finely chopped apple in qtr cup milk.Apply it on ur face & keep it for 10 min evrday.You may feel bit oily intially but it gives you very clear skin and makes ur skin very soft.


  • 1.Cleanse your face with Cleansing cream or Milk.
    2.Apply apricot or papaya ever youth scrub and massage your face for 10 min.
    3.Take a steam for 5 min.
    4.Wash your face.
    5.Finally massage your face with any of these fruits depending upon ur skin like papaya,Bannana,Orange & kep it for 10 min.
    6.Then wash your face.

    Do this once in a week,it removes all the dirt and makes ur skin fresh and fair


  • Beetroot - 1(peeled)
    Banana - 1
    Honey - 2Tbsp

    Grind all the ingredients into fine paste. Cleanse your face and neck and apply it for 30mins


  • lemon juice(fresh)
    mix them in equal quantities n apply them on yur face for 10-15 mins really works wonder

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