Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hair Styles

High Point: Gather all the hair to the back of the head and make a high ponytail. Take 3 nets and pin it on the ponytail. Divide the ponytail into 3 sections. Fold the first section into two layers and cover the hair with the net. Roll the hair with two fingers and place it on top of the ponytail and secure with a pin inside. Repeat the same with the other 2 sections of the hair and secure the rolls. Secure the rolls above the ponytail with pins.

Beehive:Gather all the hair at the back of your head. Hold all the hair in one hand and twist until it doubles back on itself. Secure by placing a pin, just catching the hair centrally, leaving out the sides. Fan out the ends by separating the hair into fluffy loose curls, and pin them as you want.

French Connection: Part the hair sideways at the front. Comb back a section of the hari from the crown and braid it. Secure with an elastic band. Draw all the remaining hair to the back of your head and wrap it around one hand, from right to left. Roll the hair inwards, so that the end is tucked in smoothly. Begining at the bottom of the roll, secure it with pins. Fold the braided hair into two (based on hair length) and place it over the pin area, and secure onto the top of the roll using a pin.

Curly Wurly: Part the hair in the centre, from the forehead to the middle of the crown. Smoothen out the hair at the back and secure into a ponytail with an elastic band. For the hair in front, take small sections (about 1 inch) from the hairline to the crown, twist 3 or 4 turns and secure it with a pin over the ponytail. Divide off a small section of the hair from the ponytail. Holding the end, twist the hair until it rolls back on itself to form a coil. Position the coil in a loop and secure using hairpins. Continue in this manner, till all the hair can be coiled.

Queen of Braids: Gather a portion of hair at your temple and divide into 3 equal parts. Braid the first 2 turns the normal way. Take a few strands of loose hair from the side of the head and add to the part you are braiding. Continue to take up loose hair and weave into a braid gathering strands alternately from each side. Entwine the parts as you go along. Stop when it reaches the nape of your neck. Repeat the same steps on the other side of your face. Make a simple plait using the two side braids and the loose hair at the centre. Continue braiding till complete.

Honey Bun: Part the hair in the centre in a zigzag style from the forehead to the middle of the crown and then make a high ponytail at the back. Take approximately one third of the hair, from the top of the ponytail, braid till the end, and them secure with an elastic band. Gather the remaining hair of the ponytail and twist it, making sure all loose ends are tucked in. Bring the hair up and around, pinning it underneath to form a bun. Wrap the braid around the bun and secure the ends with a pin underneath. Now, gather the hair in the front and tuck it under the bun at the back, for a perfect finish.

Low Behold!: Part the hair at the centre, from hairline to the middle of the crown. Make a braid on both sides till the ear and secure it. Gather the rest of the hair into a low ponytail at the back. Roll the haif from underneath using two fingers and forma a low bun. Use a net to secure bun in place. Bring the brairded hair towards the ponytail from either sie and overlap or roll over the pony, depending on the length of the hair. Secure it in place with a pin.

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