Thursday, August 7, 2008

Unwanted Hair

  • Make a paste of egg white, corn flour, and sugar and apply on area, let it dry and after it has been dried, pull the transparent layer formed by the paste against the direction of hair
  • After threading, waxing or any other way of hair removal, apply alum on the area, u can either take alum powder and mix it with water, use cotton to apply on the skin. You can also directly wet a piece of alum (phitkari) and rub it on the area. It weakens hair roots so please avoid its touching with areas like ur eye brows and eyelashes etc.
  • Take a tablespoon of sugar and wet it with lemon juice, use it on the area from where you have removed the hair (at least 24 hours gap should be taken i.e. if u have threaded, waxed or epilated today, apply this paste the next day). Apply on the area and gently exfoliate through the skin, continue circular motion on the skin until the paste gets all sticky...continue for 15 mins and wash off.
  • If your scrub your areas of the body with basin+milk, which are to be waxed before waxing really makes your skin glow.

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