Sunday, August 9, 2020

How I got my driving license renewed in 4 days!!!

Hey girls, driving is one of the basic skill every single person (irrespective of gender) should learn and practice. I have been a licensed driver since 2010 (last 10 years) now and have driven to multiple cities like Sialkot, Tarbela, Lahore, Mirpur, Kharian, Abbottabad, Mangla, Peshawar, Risalpur and many other places. The driving license in Rawalpindi is issued for 5 years and we have to get it renewed every 5 years. Till now, I have renewed it twice and there was a HUGE difference in the process 5 years back and this year.

Read on to find out what is the process to renew your Rawalpindi based driving license in 2020.

Traffic Police Office Rawalpindi

Friday, February 15, 2019

#Dubai #Diaries - Step 2 - Accomodation & Packing

Okay girls, this one is the second post from my #DubaiDiaries post. You can find the first post on my blog here. Lets move on the step 2 of your travel in Dubai which is accommodation and packing.


Coming directly to the topic, once you are done with your tickets and visa, you need to decide where will you be staying. If you have family or friends in Dubai already and you can stay there, well and good. You wont need to spend any money in finding out an accommodation. Even so, you might be an independent type and would not want to bother anyone else with your presence, you can still go and find a place to live for yourself. The bestest possible way I would suggest is to use online booking websites like and These are both very reliable and have amazing features. You can sort the available places according to your budget, your location, hotel rating, even you can dig down for basic facilities like swimming pool etc. 

My apartment in Gulf Oasis Apartments

My apartment in Gulf Oasis Apartments

If you are travelling with kids, I would suggest you to go with an apartment instead of a room because an apartment would be so much comfortable if you have to warm up some food in the middle of the night and so on. I personally think for an apartment you get better value of money and more independence as you are not dependent on room service for everything. Many of the apartments in dubai are serviced apartments which means that the cleaning, dishwashing will be their responsibility. They are also provided with small kitchenette along with basic necessities like Electric Kettle, Microwave, Induction cooking stove, basic crockery and utensils as well as washing machine. However, if you want to use the washing machine etc you will need to buy your own detergent etc as normally this is not provided by the hotel. They only provide you with the machine. You need to check in detail while booking that what exactly will be available in the apartment that you are taking. Not all of them will have all the facilities that I mentioned. 

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