Saturday, October 3, 2015

Why should You become an Oriflame Consultant?

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Hey you... yes you, the one guilty of buying too much excessive makeup products every week or so. The one who is looking for new makeup trends from around the world and try out new products to review by yourself. Yes I am talking to you :) Dont you just love finding out what new products are in the market so you can get your hands on them and try them out for yourself. You are one of the mentors in your friend's circle and your friends are looking up to you whenever they need some beauty advice. Right?

Let's take it up one notch. Won't you want the products at marginal discounts with several promotional items at your hand. Won't you want to be the first one to try out new stuff and get to recommend it to others. Won't you love it to attend regular training sessions, demos and foreign trips just for loving your makeup skills? Well, if you did answer few of above mentioned questions with YES, you might be eligible for becoming an Oriflame Consultant.

SO what does it take to be an Oriflame Consultant, and WHY should you become one. Let me explain both in detail below:

WHY should you become an Oriflame Consultant?

Several reasons actually, but few of them are below:
  • Get Oriflame Products for 20% discounted rates. Look beautiful at lesser price :)
  • Earn money by sharing the products in your circle
  • Sell those products at regular prices to earn profits :) Make product bundles and packages and offer to the customers to earn more
  • Get rewards for meeting sales targets
  • Recruit team of your own and earn commissions on their earnings
  • Get Exclusive products on meeting sales and points targets
  • Attend training sessions and makeup demos and tutorials regularly
  • Socialize with the most active Oriflame team members and get motivated
  • Enjoy Sale offers exclusively for the Oriflame Consultant group.
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Glimpse of Few Oriflame Products which will be available to you at discounts after becoming a member.

HOW to become an Oriflame Consultant?

Process is very simple.
  • Get registration form from an existing Oriflame Consultant. (Contact any Oriflame Consultant or me on my Facebook page or on my email to get the form)
  • Fill the form and send to Oriflame Office (details are attached with the form) 
  • Deposit 550 Rs. in Oriflame account to get the starter kit and the first catalogue
  • Enjoy the membership :)
Once you become the member, you are eligible for all the discounts and offers which Oriflame is offering for its members. Start ordering for yourself or enjoy the profits by selling the products in your friend's circle.

Check out Oriflame's latest catalogue to see what products are you missing out without being a consultant :) 

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